Something Funny - Film Synopsis


Something Funny gives an in depth look into what affects the construction of sense of humor and it’s uses for women in today’s world.  Something Funny explores family life, gender, body image, and self-confidence and their manifestations within media and the comedy world. The film challenges the limited niches available for female comedians and illuminates the wide variety of female comedic types that are underrepresented or ignored in the media. By focusing on three emerging, female comedic talents through interviews, stand-up, and improv material, Something Funny insightfully exposes the unjustifiable gender bias within comedic entertainment and demonstrates how comedians, such as these, use a variety of methods in implementing their individual sense of humor in order to deal with these challenges. 
Featuring the comedic talents of Lisa Best, Kat Radley, Sonia Ulrich and many more!

This film is now available for distribution through Alexander Street through the USC MVA/MAVA Collection. Please see the below link for more details.


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